Aleczandrea de jesus


Aleczandrea de Jesus

Call Center Supervisor


The Devil whispered in my ear: “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” I whispered back: “I am the storm”

Meet Aleczandrea de Jesus

Prior to AudPractice Group Alecz was working in a call center, at an OBGYN office, and also worked as a CNA at the hospital on the cardiac unit. Alecz has always loved helping people. She is originally from Orlando, FL but moved to Valdosta, GA where she found her future husband. In 2015 Alecz graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice Summa Cum Laude from Valdosta State University.
Now Alecz and her husband have found themselves in North Carolina. Her sister has worn hearing aids since she was extremely young and Alecz sees what hearing aids have done for her. She is glad that she is a part of helping others and their hearing health.
Alecz is extremely family-oriented. She truly believes that there is nothing like quality family time. Her football teams are FSU and the Saints. Outside of work Alecz is a HUGE  Disney fan, has a passion for singing, and loves animals. She and her husband and prefer to stay home and watch movies on their huge TV with our endless collections of DVDs. Game night is something that they also look forward to with their family.