Britt Carter

Britt Carter

IT Help Desk Representative


“I don’t want enough, I want it all.” from Hollow by Breaking Benjamin

Meet Britt Carter

Britt is named after one of his Grandfather’s whose last name was ‘Britt’ so it is not short for anything. His work experience includes IT work, call center, and managing a restaurant for 4 years. Customer service has always been a passion of Britt’s as he has enjoyed the feeling of helping others and making a difference even if only a small one. Britt has lived in South Georgia all his life until his, then, fiancé (Aleczandrea) and he decided North Carolina was where they wanted to be. They have since then gotten married. Britt was attending Georgia Military College to obtain his degree in Computer Information Systems with a focus on Networking and Security but COVID put a halt on that. 

Britt is a fan of many things but most of all, he loves spending time with family out and about but even more so at home where he is most comfortable. He watches A LOT of TV, and movies, and has a knack for remembering the most obscure parts of his favorites. He likes to watch football, which has only recently involved College thanks to his wife which makes him an FSU fan, but he likes the Bucs (Tom Brady) for his NFL watching. Britt has been known to enjoy video games thoroughly (Halo on XBOX mostly) but he has not been able to play for a while. Like his wife, he is also a big Disney fan and was finally able to go there for the first time this past February for him and his wife’s Honeymoon trip.