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Jason Orsik


Meet Jason Orsik

Jason’s hearing industry path began 25 years ago in Plymouth, Minnesota with a hearing aid manufacturer named Micro-Tech. Working with several manufacturers in those initial years gave a strong overview of the industry from the wholesale side but also was the beginning of many key relationships that would help propel him into the ownership of Audiology and Hearing Aid Practices in the future.

The next half a dozen years lead to him finding his true passion within this industry; business leadership, management, coaching and training of Audiology and Hearing Aid Practice owners and their staff. Over this period Jason assisted several hundred practices across the country in all different settings: Private Practice, ENT, Hospital/University settings.

Those key industry relationships, industry knowledge, along with a strong passion and desire to own all came together in 2007 when Jason established his first Audiology and Hearing Aid practice in Charlotte, NC. After seven years Jason and his TEAM had built a Practice with 17 locations and 15 Hearing Care Providers. Jason was in a unique position to sell this practice to trusted industry colleagues that continue to own and operate that practice right down to today.

The next few years gave Jason an opportunity to work closely with the Demant leadership group within the US and Copenhagen. Jason built a TEAM that worked with large Audiology practice owners around the country and assisted them with every stage of their exit strategy.

Today Jason is nearly 4 years into the formation of AudPractice Group, LLC. This dynamic organization is truly special encompassing 39 locations with nearly 100 employees. All of this has come together through the driven efforts of a TEAM that includes many former business owners and so many passionate and talented individuals! Jason is convinced that with a positive work culture, a high level of integrity and hard work, that the sky is the limit!