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Meet Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson grew up in rural upstate Lockwood, NY. His family had a small working farm where they grew their own vegetables and livestock. After graduating high-school, Jeff followed in the footsteps of his two older brothers into the Marine Corps and that is where he spend the next twenty years. During Jeff’s career as a Marine, he traveled the world as a KC-130 Flight Engineer and was honored with many opportunities and challenges.

Shortly after Jeff retired the Marine Corps and moving back to North Carolina, Jeff found himself in a unique situation and that was he was without a job! After working a short time with a City department, he was face with an opportunity that he had never considered before, a position in the hearing aid industry. Initially, Jeff developed his skills as a marketing and call center manager. Little did he know what an impact the hearing aid industry would have on him.

Having worked with most facets of the industry, he finds the most rewarding part of the hearing industry is the opportunity to be in the office when a patient receives their hearing.

Jeff is fortunate to have the amazing support of his best friend and wife, Kristi, who is always there to help when the days are long, and decisions are tough. She is his “rock” that always keeps him reminded of the more important things in life. She is Jeff’s, “Why”.