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Joel Parker


Meet Joel Parker

Joel Parker was a numbers and sales guy for most of his career with Sam’s Club. As he watched Sam’s Club grow to include hearing aids, he found a new home in that industry and the life changing stories that come with the numbers and sales.  As Joel says, “When you hear how much of a difference we are making in the lives of so many, it is almost hard calling it work.” After enjoying the hearing industry for only a few years, Joel was blessed to find the team here at APG where making a difference in other’s lives is taken to a whole new level. Joel believes that taking care of people that take care of patients is truly an honor. He is very passionate about helping great people help others and have fun while doing it!

Anyone that knows Joel, knows that his “WHY” for anything and everything is his girls. Joel does everything that he does to give them what they want and need. Whether he is at home enjoying Disney+, walking the beach or helping with homework over Facetime, they are his driving force. His two little girls would not be in his life without the one person who makes him the best he can be, his wife. He remembers it like it was yesterday, where they met in Palm Desert, CA thirteen years ago. They are all truly his, “WHY”.